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You have a great product, service or brick and mortar business. And now you are on your way to turning leads in sales. But before you do anything else, stop!

Later on we talk about Digital Concept Marketing. But let’s take a brief look first at your brand.

What is a Brand

A brand is how your service, your product, your staff and you are perceived publicly. It defines who and what you are compared to your competitors. It is your business identity.

To develop a brand you need to understand visual concepts. It’s the message you send to your prospects and customers about who you are. When a prospect views your website, your social networks, your images, your editorial, your logo, the typeface you use, the color schemes you use, it conjures up feelings in others. These feelings can include empathy, desire, even trust. You need to tap into those feelings using concepts to attract users to your product and services.

Part of our conversation with you is to discuss your branding and marketing plans and we will recommend tools to help you along. What matters to us is that you convert Leads into Sales. But having the best product is not enough. Understanding what works and what won’t work is part of the conversation with you.

When working with you we need you to understand from the start that 1. You will trust us. And 2. we only succeed when you succeed. It’s that simple.

Antique photo of a group of parisiennes drinking coffee outside a cafe




Image of selection of branded items: usb storage, business cards, cd disk, envelopes, letterheads, tablet, cellphone showing logo, pen


If you are thinking of designing and printing your own logo you will need both positive and negative logos, and file formats for many different types of printing services.

Contrast style color of poster advertising County Fair in western style


Poster advertising County Fair in western style


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