3. Tools for News and E-Blasts

AWeber and Mailchimp

We love AWeber and Mailchimp because you can run these directly from your website blog. We presume your blog is designed within your brand which makes these email marketing tools so powerful. We think this is what sets these two apart from:

Constant Contact
It has been in the business for decades – yes decades. And is one of the most popular email marketing tools. Our only criticism with this product is if you have temporary staff, they can really mess up your brand if you allow your staff to run fast and loose with the drag and drop editor features.

4. Content Marketing Tools

Few influencers will ever share their secret that they still use RSS feeds to gain insight into current trends and major influencers. But we rely fairly heavily on our own RSS feed to gain an upper hand on competition for new ideas.

Alongside RSS fees we think BussSumo is awesome for the “Use [of] content insights to generate ideas, create high-performing content, monitor your performance and identify influencers.”

5. Drag and Drop Art Production

If you already have a graphic designer on your staff, we would expect them to be proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Acrobat DC. If you are going to be serious about marketing you should not scrimp on these skills. You should be thinking about your brand and how you can expand your brand to cover everything from newsletters to e-blasts, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter banners and Image influencers. How about posters, cards, coasters, shopping bags, T’Shirts, pens, glasses and stickers?

Did you know that website and social network banners have specific sizes they require? If you don’t follow these guides your images will not only look ridiculous but your business will look unprofessional and therefore, unreliable. In speak to a customer this means ‘If they don’t care about how their website or posts look, maybe they don’t care about their customers.’ Or worse still ‘If this looks tacky maybe they are in financial difficulty. Should I trust them?’

If you cannot afford a qualified graphic designer, even on an ad hoc basis, with these necessary Adobe skils, temporarily you could try Canva for amateurs. Canva has hundreds of templates. It does though have a lot of limitations. It can only save files in PDF or JPG/PNG file format. For printing companies it can be painful to work with Canva files during production. It really is a cheap and cheerful compromise if you don’t have the budget or staff that can produce something more professional for you.

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