A CMS website allows many individuals of differing levels to edit your website.


To be efficient lets get serious now. The most important tools are:

  1. A collaborative website
  2. Social Marketing one-stop tool
  3. Planning applications

1. A Content Management System Website

Lucky for us there are lots of options for collaborative websites. The best in the business has to be WordPress.

This is a Open Source Content Management System which allows access by many individuals of differing levels to edit your website. What is stunning about WordPress is that you have access to hundreds of thousands of different templates, plugins and widgets. Plugins add extra functions to your website, like, for example, a calendar or even a ticketing system.  Widgets are, in general, smaller pieces of code that sit in the website’s sidebar. You often see a widget that shows a selection of your blog posts in the sidebar.

Don’t be confused with WordPress.org and WordPress.com  WordPress.com is a complete web service. Great if you are a novice or just want to learn the Ins and Outs of WP. But is fairly restrictive as far as design goes. And you can’t access your database as you can with a WordPress.org website. You may need to in the future.

You can build your own WordPress website from scratch on most hosting services. Or a reliable developer or hosting service can do that for you. It is very dependent on how skilled you are at page builders, UX design, and the many different types of landing page and content pages available.

The other two CM systems are Drupal and Joomla. But according to statistics, currently there are more than 1bn WordPress websites. That must say something about its reliability. There is also a BUT. Because it is so popular, you need to ensure you incorporate some sensible rules and some recommended security software for your website.

A CMS website allows many individuals of differing levels to edit your website.

2. Social Marketing Tools

  1. The top of the list has to be Hootsuite.  At Chocolate Moons we have used Hootsuite for four years. We are not saying its the best but it suits our business. You even get user statistics and a 30-day free trial period. Plans start at $29/month for 10 social profiles up to $599 for 35 social profiles. They also offer Enterprise by quote.***
  2. Sprout Social is a single hub social media marketing tool. It includes Instagram. Offered to users starting at $99/month. ***
  3. Buffer is really affordable and starts at $15/month for 8 social accounts and 100 posts. The Premium level is offered at $65/month again for 8 social accounts but 2,000 scheduled posts. and Business level is at $99/month for 25 social accounts and 2,000 posts. ***
  4. We haven’t covered 3rd party add-ons to social networks but there are many apps that allow you to conduct extra searches on social network platforms. One example would be Tweepi which allows you to reach more Twitter followers than through Twitter itself.
  5. WhatsApp Business App is one of the most powerful Facebook tools you need in your social network arsenal. In our Measuring Metrics section we discuss several other marketing tools for you to research.


***Prices at press time January 2020.


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