We’ve decided to focus here on B2C (Business To Customer) content marketing rather than B2B (Business To Business). It’s a slightly different approach to marketing strategies for B2B, which often requires more long-term research and strategic planning.

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How You Tell the World About Your Product or Service

Hello and Welcome Back Small Business Owner

If you’ve got this far, we would expect you know:

  • why you do what you do (your Mission)
  • what your story is
  • what your customers’ demographics are
  • how your product or service can resolve their problems.

By resolving their problems you are educating them. And when you educate them successfully, you engage their trust. This is where social networks come into play. Users are constantly asking their group members for advice on recommending a security system, a dentist or doctor, a school, an electrician, etc., etc. When you build trust in your prospects and customers, they WILL recommend you.

A “Call To Action” will draw attention to your Ad campaign

Where Else Can You Educate Your Followers?

Throughout your advertising campaign. Your advertising should always present a resolution for its viewers. It’s not enough to write an Ad in a newspaper that only explains an event, the time, date and location. Add a tag line. An example would be something like, “Get 20% off your ticket if you order before January 31!” In the industry this is known as a CALL TO ACTION. It is a stimulus for your customers or prospects to do something in order to achieve an aim or to deal with a problem.

Testimonials are another great way to build trust but they must be genuine. And always ask your customers first, before you post their name and exalting comments about your business on your website.

Case studies are slightly different to testimonials because you write them from you, the business owner’s perspective. “Ms. A. came to us because they wanted to organize a surprise event for their partner but to do so they would need to keep traffic, such as parked cars, to a minimum in their neighborhood.” You can then explain how your event business resolved this problem.

It is absolutely crucial you add the LINKS to your entire blogs and complete articles to your social network posts.

Where Are Users Looking For Answers?

When researching for answers, users are going to search engines using many devices. What they hit will bring them to blog posts or website newsletters, ebooks, social content, and how-to webinars. It doesn’t make any sense to post a huge article on a Facebook feed because, quite frankly, Facebook is great for link sharing to other articles, or what we call quick blasts.

At the beginning of 2020, according to Statista, 96% of Facebook users access the platform using mobiles. Only 25% use a desktop to access FB and 16% use tablets.Scroll, Scroll, Scroll. Is it worth adding all your marketing content using FB, IG and TW?

Let’s write this another way. It is absolutely crucial to add to your social network feeds your promo images, video and short, sharp posts (including that important tag line) and the even more important link to an entire article on your website. The real digital content marketing has to be discovered in its entirety on another platform so it can be reached consistently and regularly through search engines. And that’s on your website or dedicated blog site.

With Digital Health becoming a huge discussion point now, it may be that fewer hours will be spent on these social networks in the future. If you want more information read the Wired Article on how you can check your Facebook social network hours on a cellphone.

Wired Magazine

How You Tell the World About Your Product or Service

Let’s Talk About Those Important Emails, Blogs and Articles

Blogs. Call these newsletters if you like. But these are one of your most important tools. They tell your whole story, they educate people, they show off your expertise and they build trust. They are also easily accessible in the future.

Building a newsletter/blog following will be one of your most important tools. But in order to see all that other expert advice you offer, the articles and news items should be distributed from your website or blog site. This way you can use search engine optimization to make your expertise easier for your prospects and followers to find.

We will be covering marketing tools and search engine tools and tips next week, but for now we want you to think about how you are going to conjure up emotion. Because that is what is going to increase exponentially your followers. If you don’t conjure up an emotion in your followers, you will find it extremely difficult to keep them. They will look elsewhere for the education, resolution and advice they seek.

How You Tell the World About Your Product or Service

Building a Roadmap

Sound like a lot, yes? Marketing your business for yourself. We will talk later on about how you get help from contractors, but at the beginning you will want to get organized. There are plenty of tools available which will help you collaborate your marketing strategies and plans well in advance.

Just start simply. You can use an Excel spreadsheet or Google docs to build a roadmap which will show each step you need to take and the timeline for each marketing event you want to promote. Start by dividing your responsibilities into bite sized pieces. Firstly the deadline, the date of completion and the title or description of the creation. Then under this headline, divide it out into graphic art, writing, editing, approval, printing/posting and other forms of distribution. Include each deadline and approval date for each responsibility.

You won’t believe how much easier it will make your life. We use Google docs here because as soon as a job has been completed and approved all the stakeholders get an email to check the roadmap for their upcoming responsibility. This type of automation will ensure that balls don’t get dropped.

However, a final word of warning. Always be prepared for a glitch. It happens but try to build in a bit of risk management to your roadmap in case a glitch happens. Also, be prepared to cancel the whole darn thing if everything goes south. It also happens but be positive, that’s how you learn for the future.


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