Your website is done, what’s next

You have a website, and may even have built it yourself. You are a small business so are watching the $$$ and decide to go with one of those big hosting companies that lock in all sorts of goodies. Drag and Drop design, security, email, calendars, firewall and search engine placement. Wow!  And all for the amazing price of $20/month. Well yes, for the first year. Then maybe your domain name and all those features you got so cheap start to increase exponentially.

Ask yourself, what matters most?

Where should you make the investment?

  • A Web designer: It’s an art form. If you can’t afford a super, local web design company to do one for you, most hosting services have Drag and Drop to build yourself, or for a very affordable amount could whip one up for you.
  • Do-It-Yourself: If you think your website design is working for you, ask a random selection of people to anonymously judge your site when you have finished the build. And ask them to be honest.
  • Maintaining a website: Can be extremely time-consuming. Shouldn’t you be doing what you do best – run your business?
  • Social Networking: Wow, this is the one thing that drives most people nuts because it takes so much time. We can help you find a social network marketing contractor if you like.
  • Statistics: It’s amazing how may small businesses don’t know how many users visit their website daily or weekly. Statistics matter. Ask your hosting service for these statistics if you haven’t set up Google Webmaster Tools.

You’re made, Right? Umm, Wrong!

You’ve bought search engine optimization for $30/year offered by your hosting service. It should have already dawned on you that it’s possible that half a million businesses have also bought into the same search engine option service. This shouldn’t make sense to you. SEO is an ongoing job. Every new item or service you sell, every new post of blog newsletter you write, every new image you post needs to be added to your search engines settings.

Did you know – you may think your business is at the top of the search engine because every time you search your own business, there it is. But this isn’t accurate.The search engine is returning you to your favorite spot. Sorry!

A search engine is designed to provide you with what it thinks you want and relies on what your previous search engine history has shown and even your current location. It will also take into consideration what you have previously purchased online, or items you have searched for. It may even have recognized key words you have uttered to Siri or Alexa.

So Sally Smith in the city 5 miles away is not getting the same search results you are. There are plenty of tools that can tell you exactly what your website’s position is on the Internet. These tools provide you your own website’s domain authority and each page authority.

Don’t Scrimp on Search Engine Coding

What you need is a great search engine consultant or a great search engine tool.  If you are going to invest in a search engine tool then take into consideration the following:

  • Have a clear roadmap of your marketing plans and goals. Use descriptive words to describe your product, service and be specific
  • Take time to learn everything you can from the training that should comes with your search engine tool
  • Understand Keyword Search principles
  • Understand different search engines and how they work
  • Know how robots work
  • Know the difference between mobiles and desktop searches.

It’s a lot but that extra expense and extra time you take researching this is going to drive more traffic to your website.

Good Luck!

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