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If You Don’t Succeed, We Don’t

You have a great product, service or brick and mortar business. And now you are on your way to having some great marketing tools.

You may decide to have us build your website for you, or may decide to build your own. But what’s next?

Part of our conversation with you is to discuss your marketing plans and recommended marketing tools. What matters to us is that you convert Leads into Sales. But having the best product is not enough. Understanding what works and what won’t work is part of the conversation with you, and you get this for free. Yup.  Free.

So we can hear you say, “Nothing is Free, so where’s the catch?” Two things…One you will trust us. And two we only succeed when you succeed. It’s that simple.

It’s a symbiotic relationship.


Cafe de L'Elite banner showing french couples turn of the century sitting around a table outside in Victorian clothing    

Logo / Cafe-Restaurant

Le Café de l’Élite

The client requested a logo that reflected their concept of a turn-of-the-century gathering place à la française which would attract customers who enjoyed each other’s company, loved French food at a reasonable price, and conversation in a relaxed atmosphere.  They required a very fast turnaround. They needed immediate results for several logos for their website, social networks, printing (letterhead, brochures, bills, menus, invoices, business cards) and their menu and delivery app. They also required a logo for pens and cork coasters as handouts.

We sit down with our clients first, get to know them, brainstorm and come up with some sketches we all agree on, and then return usually within four business days with proofs. Production can be completed in less than a week. We can either print the marketing materials ourselves or deliver the logo files in SVG, PDF and EPS file formats for various types of printing.

If you are thinking of designing and printing your own logo you may want to think twice.

There Is More To Designing a Logo Than You Think!



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